Gravity Force aims to welcome and enable as many participants as possible to enjoy the activities on offer within our trampoline parks. However, our main priority is to ensure the safety of all those that participate. As a result we enforce restrictions which either fully exclude certain people from participating (as detailed in our standard terms and conditions) or require us to ask for additional information to ensure safe participation.

Trampolining is a physically demanding activity, requiring strength, agility and coordination, as well as mental maturity to be able to absorb the safety information provided and apply it independently throughout use of the trampoline park. Those who wish to participate but carry either a physical or mental disability or condition, which hinder their ability to participate independently within the safety information provided or hinders their ability to absorb and apply the safety information provided are at an increased risk of injury and therefore are required to provide additional information prior to being allowed to participate. In these instances the participant must either:

  • Provide a written confirmation from a doctor, GP or appropriate medical practitioner declaring they are safe to participate in trampolining at Gravity Force


  • Complete a written disclaimer form at the park acknowledging the increased risks to the participant and that medical advice has been sought

Failure to provide either piece of documentation will result in non-participation. If provided, then participation will be granted, in conjunction with the completion of a safety waiver, safety briefing and conformity to our standard terms and conditions. Gravity Force also operates a free carer policy for participants with mental or physical disabilities or conditions, and free carers can be booked on by calling our bookings team.

We appreciate that our safety procedures particularly in relation to those with additional needs can be a sensitive subject, and whilst we are sympathetic to personal circumstances Gravity Force’s priority will be towards ensuring the safety of each and every participant and all decisions taken are done so from this standpoint. We urge anyone wishing to participate or bring along a participant to Gravity Force who carries a disability or condition which may hinder their ability to participate safely to contact a member of the customer services team well in advance of the day they wish to visit either by email at or by phone on 01926 356290.