Jay Raser's Rockstar Jump Revolutionary of the month is.... Lauryn

Lauryn is another hardcore Rockstar Jump Revolutionary. I luv witnessing the progression clients make from that very first “fish-out-of-water”- struggling to make it through a routine, to being an absolute Rockstar; consistently requesting the hardest of routines.

All regulars know that it never gets easy per-se, however the stronger and fitter your body gets, the more mentally equipped you are to push yourself into that all important discomfort zone and indeed enjoy doing so!

1.What is it that attracts you to Jay Raser’s Rockstar Jump Revolution?

Lauryn: What I love most about Jump Revolution is that it is so much more fun than any other exercise classes I've tried. I've always found the gym quite boring and was so unfit when I started coming that I struggled to get though a single track - I still remember seeing stars the first time we did Ratchet! (burpee marathon) The great thing is that even though I'm now significantly fitter, the frequency of new tracks means there is always something new to challenge us. There is nothing better than finally conquering the new "nasty" track - in fact they often become favourites as a result! 

The introduction of membership has been great - it's awesome to see so many new faces and as a result have a varied track list every night. The new timetable is also fantastic and I can't wait for boot camp to go back to every Sunday - it means I can now really mix up the sessions. 

2.What's your favourite track/routine(s)

My favourite tracks are the ones I normally get in trouble for requesting ;) To name a few: Never forget you, Jealousy, MILK, Trumpet. Oh and any that involves lying down!!

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