The perfect activity for your end of year fun

School is almost out, you've been working hard all year and it's time to let off some steam.

By now we are guessing that you've started bugging your teachers to start planning your end of year trip. This time it's not a field trip to a history museum or bird world for that matter (we don't have anything against learning) but you want somewhere to go to work off some steam, keep active and have fun.

That is where we come in. If you've not been to Gravity Force yet you need to come visit. Our wall to wall trampolines allow you to bounce around the room in epic style. In addition, our dodgeball courts literally allow you to throw soft yellow balls at your friends (who wouldn't like to do that) and our tumble tracks allow you to show off your silky trampolining skills hashtag awesome!!

We can also take care of the food. Imagine a few slices of nice warm pizza following your jump session and a nice cool blueberry slushy to cool you down, hashtag perfect.

It really doesn't get better than this.

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