Happy Kids, Happy Parents - Things to do on rainy days in camberley

It only seemed like yesterday that you were preparing the children to go back to school, and now you have to start thinking about what you are going to do with them during half term.

Kids with fun things to do on rainy days in Camberley

For some, half term can be a stressful time, trying to juggle entertaining the children with completing the jobs that need to be done would cause anyone to yell out “when do you go back?”, but with a bit of forward planning you can ensure that this half term is full of fun, adventure and plenty of activity! Chores don’t just go away because its half term, if anything the list grows! Before the half term begins, sit down with your children and discuss what it is you have to do during the half term and ask them which of the tasks they would like to help with. Why not create a half term reward chart and decide what it is, or where you will go, if the boring jobs are completed? And why not relate the chore to a delightful activity? If they want to do some cooking, they have to wash the dishes or load the dishwasher? If they want to go out for the day, they have to clean the car? The world is endless. 

Getting active
Keeping active is important during half term week. It is easy for kids to become obsessed with what's on TV or the latest Ipad app. However, there are lots of opportunities to get out and be active together. If you have some errands to run why not jump on your bike. Ride with the kids instead of taking the car and maybe stop by the park on the way out.

However, If you are desperate to get a workout in this half term then one hour of trampolining can burn over 300 calories. What is even better is you don't have to have any previous experience, you don't need any special clothes (except our grip socks) and you can do it all in the name of fun. 

When you’re stuck for things to do on rainy days in Camberley

Indoor activities for rainy days
The great British weather is notorious for being unpredictable, so you may need to plan some indoor activities to prepare for every potential climate. Whether it be glorious sunshine, or miserable rainy days, There are some really great indoor ideas that you can try, from cooking, to creating, use it as an opportunity to teach all important skills. For example, many children don't learn knife skills until much older or use it as an opportunity to fix something that may be broken. If you're kids are still "chomping at the bit" to get out, then our parks are all indoors and are perfect for when the weather is less suitable, but still great for an hour out of the sun if it's too hot to handle.

If you're going away this summer and need time to pack why not pack the kids off for an hour to give you some much needed space to pack your own bag. Then once they return they can help to pack their own.

If arts and crafts aren’t your thing, and the weather is preventing you from venturing outside, take some time out, and stay indoors. Push the sofas to one side, bring a mattress down to the living room and do some gymnastics. Dig out some old CD’s and fairy lights and create your very own disco.
If you have to work during half term and are unsure of what to do with your children, our Camberley park offers half term camps suitable for ages 8-16. 

If you are able to organise with friends, why not work out a child swap where you all take it in turns to care for each other’s children. The kid’s will be able to stay with their friends and you will only have to take a few days off.

What ever you decided to do, include at least one hour of physical activity per day.