The 10 Types of kids your see at Gravity Force Birthday Parties

There’s no better place to party than the UK’s ultimate trampoline park. Gravity Force offers pizza and hot dog parties for kids from ages 4 upwards for an hour of safe, fun, active play across our wall to wall trampolines, dodgeball courts, tumble tracks and much much more. Over the last few months we have noticed a few different types of children you see at our Gravity Parties. Check them out below? Is there any we have missed? Which one is your child?

1.       The Future Gymnast

This child is simply a future gymnast. They tend to spend most of their time on the tumble tracks perfecting their twists and turns.

2.       The Leader

Sometimes the birthday child but not always. The leader dictates the games, where the group goes and who is on whose team in dodgeball. This child usually (but not always) determines the rules and can adjust them mid-play if it doesn’t suit them.

3.       The Bench Hugger

This child usually stays close to the benches and water and may trek out to the nearest trampoline for a quick bounce once in the while before returning to the safety of the bench. 

4.       The Pro

There is always one who has been to Gravity Force before and clearly knows their way around all the equipment.

5.       The Must Go Everywhere

A child on a mission. This child must have bounced on every trampoline, dunked in every hoop and bounded into the foam pit from all 4 lanes.

6.       The Risk Taker

A nightmare for our court monitor. Usually a young-looking child with exceptional skill and ability beyond their years. This child looks like they have barely started to walk yet can pull off exception tricks, flips and tumbles with relative ease. Also willing to try next and exciting moves not yet perfected. They quite clearly have the birthday child’s parents gasping for air.

7.       The Make Believer

This child is not even at a Trampoline Park. In their imaginative mind, they are bounding between planets on an intergalactic space mission. The equipment is just their prop for the story.

8.       The Foam Pit Hogger

This kid just loves the foam pit. They have perfected flips, running bombs and much much more, moving between foam pits 1-4 with a pre-conceived plan of attack.  

9.       The Lone Wolf

Much more comfortable outside the group. This lone wolf prefers to stay active on their own. At least until it is time to eat?

10.   The only interested in the cake

Finally, this kid turns up and checks out the cake? Trampoline? What trampoline? When do we sing happy birthday?