What you might expect in your first trampoline fitness class.

The whole point of exercising on a trampoline is to have fun whilst you sweat. From core strength to cardio boosting our latest blog looks at what you can expect from your first trampoline class.

Our trampoline sessions are Home of the freshest, most innovative and hard-core exercise class; incorporating dancing, rebounding, boxing, martial art-ing, Pilates-ing, yoga-ing and of course smiling. Anyway read on and let us know what you think?

1.       Everyone will be smiling.

At first anyway. The smiles come from a mixture of nerves, happiness and the odd “I can’t believe I’m doing this.” Which ever it is for you we think you will enjoy it.

2.       You will sweat

This is not like trampolining at home, This is hardcore! This is rebounding, this is martial arts, this is blood, sweat, tears (well not so much tears). Don’t mistake us for a 50 minute light spring, we are hear to work and so will you.

3.       The trampolines are safe and comfortable.

IF you listen to the rules and follow our lead. The trampolines are a safe effective way of working out and burning calories.

4.       Your legs will hurt.

 If you haven’t done this type of exercise before. We expect your calf muscles get sore, you can try smaller, softer jumps. But there’s no middle ground between jumping and not jumping, so just hang in there if you can.

5.       You will burn calories

NASA suggested you can burn the same calories in 10 minutes on a trampoline as 33 minutes or running. To be fair it all depends on the effort you put in but we can confirm this is great for burning those calories.

6.       You can go at your own pace

Your instructor will say something like this “Don't feel pressured by everyone else and go at your own pace.”

7.       You will lose yourself in the music

The music is awesome and will keep you motivated. Just what you need when jumping on a trampoline consistently for 55 minutes.

8.       You will meet new friends

Give it a few weeks and you’ll meet new like-minded people who will make sure you keep on coming back. And, getting the results you need.

Jump Revolutions classes take place across all our parks. To learn more, click here. We look forward to seeing you at one of our classes soon.